B & D Associates launch new program for Massachusetts Towns for Home Sharps Disposal

B&D Associates, Inc of Concord, New Hampshire is announcing a new program for cities and towns in Massachusetts to help them with the burden of the new regulations for home sharps disposal.  We know in this economy how hard it is for the cities and towns in regards to budgetary restraints to fund a new service.

We are working with towns across Massachusetts to provide a cost effective approach for us to handle Sharps Disposal.  We are offering the towns a no contract option and we also are offering on call or scheduled service.

Currently many Massachusetts towns have begun using our service due to our ability to offer a cost effective service with many options while insuring their compliance with regulations for sharps disposal. We are currently the only New England Company listed as a vendor on the MASS.GOV website for Sharps Disposal.  As always with B & D Associates, you will enjoy our OUTSTANDING customer service as your work with us to meet your sharps disposal needs.

Make sure you call and ask for Andy Thornton about this program.   Feel free to check us out at WWW.SAFEMEDICALWASTE.COM

X-ray Film Recycling Maryland, how long do you have to keep X-ray Film?

B & D Associates, Inc. is the most experienced vendor for recycling xrays. When looking for someone to conduct X-ray Film Recycling Maryland, look to B & D Associates, Inc.

Recycling today attracts more and more companies discovering that recycling doesn’t just make environmental sense but financial sense as well. In the case of X-ray Film Recycling Maryland, the companies that have been in the field the longest know the best processes for extracting the silver and can offer the highest prices. They are also established so you do not have to be worried about being issued payment. In the medical field one of the best is B&D Associates Inc. We have been working with customers in  Maryland  to cash in on this old revenue source since 1974. We are listed on the NH DES website as a Certified Xray Film Recycling Company and a Certified Silver Recycler  

With the price of precious metals constantly rising, silver recovery from xray film is an excellent way to turn what would otherwise be a hazardous waste into a new source of earnings. The recycling of xray film not only provides a welcome source of extra income, but also helps to meet environmental regulations by getting the used film out of landfills where the TCLP of the Silver fails EPA standards. ray film recycling is also an excellent way to open up valuable storage space in your dental or medical office or storage facility which would cut down on storage costs.

Whether it is the recycling of dental xray film or other kinds of xray film created by other medical procedures, the most advanced silver recycler technology available is used in order to ensure that silver recovery from x-ray film is always done in an environmentally friendly manner with the highest yields. You can enjoy full confidence that your xrays will be recycled in accordance with all applicable HIPAA regulations and a Certificate of Destruction can be provided. In addition, x-ray recycling of NDT film and Litho Film Recycling or other industrial xray film is also available.

In Maryland the maintenance of Medical Records is stated in regulation listed HERE . It states x rays must be kept for 5 years after last contact. In the cases of minors they must be held for a minimum of 3 years after majority or the 5 years after last encounter.
Among the oldest Silver Recovery companies dealing with X-ray Film Recycling Maryland,  B&D Associates, Inc. deals with big corporations to the smaller Chiropractors and everyone in between .  We offer pickups of trailer loads to having a mailback program for small orders. We even can consolidate full file rooms. With great  service, integrity and competitive rates you will be happy you chose B&D Associates, Inc. at WWW.SAFESILVERRECOVERY.COM.

For Xray Film Recycling in Maryland