Biohazard Waste Disposal Massachusetts

You do not have to use a Large National Company for Biohazard Waste Disposal Massachusetts.  There is a local option in B & D Associates.  B & D Associates is a local family owned business that has been in business for almost 40 years. We have been working with clients to keep them in compliance with regulated waste treatment and disposal since 1974.

Whether you need weekly pick ups of your boxes of Biohazard Waste Disposal Massachusetts or only once per year B & D Associates can provide you with scheduled or on call service.  When you call B & D Associates you are answered by a person not a phone maze.  We are proud of our outstanding service and we make sure our drivers take pride in representing B & D Associates.

We are the only New England Company listed by the MASS DEP for Biohazard Waste Disposal Massachusetts. We also handle other regulated waste such as Amalgam, Lead Foil, Silver Recovery, Shredding Services and our X-ray Film Recycling facility in New Hampshire is a registered Silver Recycling facility.

Remember Massachusetts requires generators to have a mandatory once per calender pick up of their Biohazard Waste Disposal Massachusetts. All other guidelines for Biohazard Waste Disposal Massachusetts may be find in a PDF from the Massachusetts Board of Health.

Check us out at WWW.SAFEMEDICALWASTE.COM and then

call Andy at 603-224-1157

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