Medical Waste Disposal Massachusetts

B & D Associates, Inc. a leading provider of Medical Waste Disposal Massachusetts services wishes to let you know about common infractions we see in regards to these services. The states Minimum Requirements for the Management of Medical and Biological Waste are listed here to keep you in compliance with Medical Waste Disposal Massachusetts.

First we will get the bad news out of the way, penalties for infractions are set at no less then $100 to no more then $500 per day. Total costs are capped at $25,000 with up to 2 years in the House of Corrections. It is very important to conduct your practices in the appropriate manner.

  1. Medical Waste Disposal Massachusetts storage facilities on-site must be clearly labeled.
  2. These Storage Facilities must be uncarpeted.
  3. Storage facilities for Medical Waste must be equipped for unauthorized access.
  4. You are required to have a once per calendar year pick up.
  5. Shipping papers are required and should be in the form of a medical waste tracking form.
  6. Medical Waste Disposal Massachusetts considers Dental Wires to be Sharps.
  7. This is the one we see strangely enough as the most common; Sharps must be in a red, fluorescent orange or orange-red container that is leakproof, rigid, puncture resistant and shatter proof.
  8. Amalgam, amalgam traps and amalgam separators are not Medical Waste. They are handled separately. Amalgam Recycling is handled as a completely separate entity. Amalgam must be kept in air-tight containers and you must receive a certificate of recycling from your vendor to keep for your records. You are required to submit a form along with your records every 5 years. Please see a list of requirements for Amalgam Recycling.

If you have other questions on the services we provide please check out our website at WWW.SAFEMEDICALWASTE.COM or feel free to call Andy Thornton at 877-486-3456

B & D Associates has been working with clients since 1974 to keep them in compliance with environmental regulations. We handle many varieties of regulated waste streams. We service all of New England from our headquarters in Concord NH

Sharps Disposal Medford Massachusetts

selc  When looking for Sharps Disposal Medford Massachusetts check out B & D Associates, Inc.  Since 1974 B & D Associates has been working with facilities to handle their Regulated Waste.  Some of the waste streams we handle from Medical Facilites include Sharps Disposal, Medical Waste Disposal, Red Bag Waste, Used Fixer and Developer, Amalgam Recycling, Lead Foil Recycling, X-Ray Film Recycling and Shredding Services.

When searching for reliable Sharps Disposal Medford Massachusetts make sure to see the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection Website. They have a page listing qualified Sharps Disposal Companies and B & D Associates is the only New England Company on that list.  We are very proud of this achievement. It takes years of providing great service to be considered.

We are registered with New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services for our treatment facility for Silver Recycling. When considering Sharps Disposal Medford Massachusetts companies make sure they are listed to perform these services.  Do a little research to make sure they are a bonafide business with an actual building.  Call them up and make sure you get a person not a never ending phone maze.  As with any potential vendor call references, find out how long they have been working together

At B & D Associates we are in Medford Massachusetts every other week.  We have clients in the area to include Universities and Colleges to Dentists, Family Doctors, Veterinarians, Chiropractors and even Boards of Health, what better endorsement can you get?  We are a national leader for X-Ray Film Recycling and even get contacted by the media for our knowledge.

We appreciate the consideration you give us for your Sharps Disposal Medford Massachusetts. Please check out our website at WWW.SAFEMEDICALWASTE.COM .  Please contact Andrew Thornton at 603-224-1157.  I can also be reached via email if that is easier at Thank you!

Medical Waste Disposal and Sharps Disposal Framingham Massachusetts

B & D Associates, Inc. is Sharps Disposal Company from New England serving Massachusetts. We want everyone in the Boston Metro West area to know that we will be conducting pick ups for Sharps Disposal Framingham, Massachusetts the week of 2-13-13. We service this area on a weekly basis.

Since 1974 B & D Associates, Inc. has been working with clients to help them maintain their environmental compliance.  Some of the services we provide include Silver Recovery to include handling of the used fixer at our own treatment facility for Silver Recycling. We provide containers at no charge. Containers we offer include 5, 15, 30 and 55 gallons. We also offer Silver Recovery Canisters. We recycle Amalgam to include Contact and Non-Contact Amalgam along with the Amalgam Traps and Separators.  We offer both 5 and 2.5 gallon containers for the recycling of Amalgam. We also provide lead foil recycling services and secure, HIPPA compliant, document shredding. We continue to be one of the nation’s leading X-ray Film Recyclers.

Some of the facilities we will be picking up this week for Sharps Disposal Framingham, Massachusetts include Funeral Homes, Orthopedic Surgeons, Animal Hospitals, Dentist, Podiatrist and a University. We appreciate all of our customers and enjoy our ability to be flexible to meet our customers needs, as we are the only New England Company that is listed by the Massachusetts DEP for Sharp Disposal .

We are one of the few Sharps Disposal companies offering flexible agreements.  We offer 3 year agreements with no escalators.  Our pricing stays the same throughout the agreement.  Our most competitive pricing is offered on scheduled service but we are willing to provide on-call service as well.

We would welcome any new clients for Sharps Disposal Framingham Massachusetts.  Please check us out at WWW.SAFEMEDICALWASTE.COM.

Then call Andy at 877-486-3456


Sharps Disposal and Medical Waste pick ups in Pittsfield MA

B & D Associates, Inc. will be conducting pick ups of Sharps Disposal, Medical Waste Disposal, Used Fixer, Amalgam Recycling and Lead Foil Recycling during the week if 12-17-12.

B & D Associates, Inc. is regularly in the Pittsfield MA area and would enjoy speaking with potential customers in the area to discuss their needs. We are the only New England Company listed on the Massachusett Government website for Sharps Disposal.

Since 1974 B & D Associates, Inc. has been working with clients providing services such as X-ray Film Recycling and Silver Recovery.  Please check us out at WWW.SAFEMEDICALWASTE.COM and then call Andy at 877-486-3456

B & D Associates, Inc. exhibiting at the Yankee Dental Congress

B & D Associates, Inc. of Concord NH is pleased to anounce they will be exhibiting again this year at the 2013 Yankee Dental Congress.  After all the interest last year in their services of Sharps Disposal, Fixer Disposal (photo processing waste), Amalgam Recycling and Lead Foil Recycling they wanted to have more people aware of their services.

B & D Associates, Inc. has their own treatment facility for the used fixer and developer and is a leading Medical Waste Disposal Company (to include Sharps Disposal).  Last year they had alot of dentist coming to them at the show excited to find a company that handles the used x-ray chemicals.  Alot of practices have gone digital so the need is not what is used to be but B & D Associates, Inc continues to operated their licensed Silver Recycling Facility

B & D Associates, Inc. is also the only New England Sharps Disposal Company that is listed on the Massachusetts Government website for Sharps Disposal.  Many Massachusetts Health Departments trust B & D Associates, Inc. to handle their Sharps Disposal.

B & D Associates, Inc. will be located at Booth 1129 which will be in between Patterson Dental and Henry Schein.

B & D Associates, Inc. has been working with clients to keep them in compliance with environmental regulations since 1974.  They have the ability to put that experience to work for you in providing the best service and fair pricing. They do not require a contract, offer on call service or scheduled and have no surcharges or extra fees. Please check them out at WWW.SAFEMEDICALWASTE.COM and then call Andy at 877-486-3456

Best Management Practices Of Regulated Waste From Dental Offices

B&D Associates, Inc. works with Dental Offices in New England and New York to manage their Regulated Waste. These waste streams are often handled incorrectly or overlooked. In fact many states have published information on these waste streams such as Vermont’s Guide to Proper Waste Management in Dental Offices.

B & D Associates, Inc. services include Silver Recovery and transporting Photo Processing Waste. Our Licensed Silver Recycling Facility receives solutions of Used Fixer and Developer for Dental Practices that cannot meet discharge regulations or are on Private Septic Systems. The New Hampshire DES publication “Manangement of Silver Waste from Dental Offices” clearly states that it is illegal to discharge used Fixer and Developer into a septic system. If you are using Silver Traps and discharge into a private septic system, then you are in violation of the law. Used Fixer is federally classified as a Hazardous Waste so the vendor that is transporting this for you must be a Hazardous Waste Transporter. B&D Associates is a certified hazardous waste transporter and can be found on Maine’s List of Active Hazardous Waste Transporters. We are licensed to transport waste all over New England.

Sharps Disposal and Medical Waste Disposal are the items that most Dental Offices consider the most important Regulated Wastes they handle.  B & D Associates is small enough to be flexible to meet your needs whether that is on call service or scheduled and not requiring a contract. In Massachusetts, did you know that you are required to have a Sharps Disposal pick up once per calender year?  B & D Associates is the only New England Company listed on the Mass.Gov website for Sharps Disposal.

B & D Associates, Inc. handles Amalgam for Recycling. Most offices know to recycle the non-contact Amalgam and Amalgam Separators but most incorrectly handle the Amalgam Chairside Traps. Often times Amalgam Chairside Traps are found in the Medical Waste Disposal which is illegal. Rhode Island clearly spells out regulations about Chairside Traps containing Amalgam and being handled as Waste Amalgam. Connecticut also dictates Amalgam Recycling must either be handled by an Amalgam Recycler or Hazardous Waste Transporter.

B & D Associates, Inc. also handles Lead Foil for Recycling and offers Shredding Services. Since 1974 we have grown our business to provide our clients with the services they need.

Contact Andy at 877-486-3456 to see what we can do for you. WWW.SAFEMEDICALWASTE.COM

Chemotherapy Waste

Please be aware you could be fined if you put chemo waste, amalgam, pharmaceuticals, or lead foil in your regulated medical waste.  Chemo waste needs to be packaged separately  with a label indicating it is to be incinerated.

B&D is certified to safely dispose of chemotherapy waste as well as all other regulated medical waste. We are able to pick up medical waste from hospitals and treatment centers in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and New York.

Connecticut State Dental Associations’s Charter Oak dental meeting

Andrew Thornton of B & D Associates, Inc.  attended the Connecticut State Dental Associations’s Charter Oak dental meeting.  Our services were met with a warm welcome from many of the dentists in attendance.  The dentists were interested in what we had to offer in regards to photo-chemical wastemedical wasteamalgam scrap, and lead foil disposal.