Medical Waste Disposal Massachusetts

B & D Associates, Inc. a leading provider of Medical Waste Disposal Massachusetts services wishes to let you know about common infractions we see in regards to these services. The states Minimum Requirements for the Management of Medical and Biological Waste are listed here to keep you in compliance with Medical Waste Disposal Massachusetts.

First we will get the bad news out of the way, penalties for infractions are set at no less then $100 to no more then $500 per day. Total costs are capped at $25,000 with up to 2 years in the House of Corrections. It is very important to conduct your practices in the appropriate manner.

  1. Medical Waste Disposal Massachusetts storage facilities on-site must be clearly labeled.
  2. These Storage Facilities must be uncarpeted.
  3. Storage facilities for Medical Waste must be equipped for unauthorized access.
  4. You are required to have a once per calendar year pick up.
  5. Shipping papers are required and should be in the form of a medical waste tracking form.
  6. Medical Waste Disposal Massachusetts considers Dental Wires to be Sharps.
  7. This is the one we see strangely enough as the most common; Sharps must be in a red, fluorescent orange or orange-red container that is leakproof, rigid, puncture resistant and shatter proof.
  8. Amalgam, amalgam traps and amalgam separators are not Medical Waste. They are handled separately. Amalgam Recycling is handled as a completely separate entity. Amalgam must be kept in air-tight containers and you must receive a certificate of recycling from your vendor to keep for your records. You are required to submit a form along with your records every 5 years. Please see a list of requirements for Amalgam Recycling.

If you have other questions on the services we provide please check out our website at WWW.SAFEMEDICALWASTE.COM or feel free to call Andy Thornton at 877-486-3456

B & D Associates has been working with clients since 1974 to keep them in compliance with environmental regulations. We handle many varieties of regulated waste streams. We service all of New England from our headquarters in Concord NH

X-Ray Film Recycling Maine

B & D Associates, Inc. is a New England company that has been recycling regulated wastes since 1974. One of the services we provide is X-Ray Film Recycling Maine. In Maine the current statute (always call the State to make sure you have the latest regulations) is for records to be kept 7 years or 6 years past the date of majority, whichever is later. When it comes to purge these files make sure to call Andy at B & D Associates.

When choosing a X-Ray Film Recycling Maine company the most important factor is to make sure they are HIPAA compliant. They should be signing a Business Associate Agreement or BAA with you. This document basically states they are accepting responsibility for your records to maintain the privacy or your clients. Also make sure they issue a Certificate of Destruction for your records.

Pricing is very important, at B & D Associates we have been X-Ray Film Recycling Maine for almost 40 years. We have had along time to perfect the process to get you the highest yield. We also have staff on hand to conduct the full purge for you to your specifications.

We are registered with the Department of Environmental Services for X-Ray Film Recycling Maine, this ensures you know your material is treated properly consistent with EPA guidelines.

As people are unaware I also want to point out there are thieves that prey on medical facilities for this commodity. As X-Ray Film Recycling Maine has a current high value people are pretending to be a reputable company or your current vendor and try to take the film without paying you.  B & D Associates is happy to provide you with a significant advance if the material is in envelopes or full payment on the spot if it is all ready stripped. As a leader in the industry we have even been quoted by major news publications.

Check out B & D Associates today at WWW.SAFESILVERRECOVERY.COM and call Andy at 877-486-FILM

Medical Waste Disposal Wellesley Massachusetts

Medical Waste Disposal Wellesley Massachusetts is handled by B & D Associates.  Since 1974 B & D Associates has been working with facilities to keep them in compliance with environmental regulations.  One of the services we provide is medical waste disposal throughout New England.

B & D Associates is pleased to Welcome Dr Jeannie Chung to our list of clients. When they needed Medical Waste Disposal Wellesley Massachusetts they turned to B & D Associates. We regularly service Wellesley Massachusetts for all our services to include Sharps Disposal and Medical Waste Disposal, Photo Processing Waste Disposal (used fixer and developer), Silver Recycling, X-ray Film Recycling, Litho Film Recycling, Amalgam Recycling and Shredding Services.

B & D Associates is listed by the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection for Medical Waste Disposal Wellesley Massachusetts. Please also be aware to pay attention to your invoices. Some Sharps Disposal Companies show you one price on their agreement and then just keep increasing it by 18% everytime they can.  Also watch out for automatic renewing contracts.

B & D Associates has their own Silver Recycling facility in New Hampshire that is registered with New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services. We work hard to keep you in compliance for all the services we provide. Please check us out online at WWW.SAFEMEDICALWASTE.COM then call Andy at 877-486-3456 to go over your needs.  We typically can offer a 20 to 30% savings over your current written offer.


Litho Film Recycling

Since 1974 Commercial Printers have been working with B & D Associates, Inc. for Litho Film Recycling. As a registered Silver Recycler B & D Associates has the process and infrastructure to assure you the best price for your litho film recycling, printers film and negatives for recycling.

B & D Associates works with printers to the point of being involved in forums to help printers with their Silver Recycling and Litho Film Recycling needs. Even in this time with the value of negatives being so high we still run into facilities across the nation throwing away their printers film. Not only is it bad to lose out on this revenue source but due to the Toxicity Charecteristic Leaching Procedure the silver can be washed off if landfilled causing a hazardous waste issue.  So make sure to give B & D Associates a call to find out the value of your litho film recycling. Unless otherwise noted our pricing always includes shipping and/or pick up.

B & D Associates is a leading supplier of Silver Recovery Canisters and Metering Systems to help you stay in compliance with your discharge limits and provide the highest possible revenue source. We have available new and used equipment and in some cases we can provide equipment on loan. In order to develop an appropiate system to meet your needs we need your hours of operation, amount of film used by day, week or month, your discharge limit and drain to processor configuration.

Since 1974 B & D Associates has been a leading Silver Recycler to include the printers film, negatives and Litho Film Recycling. Check us out at WWW.SAFESILVERRECOVERY.COM

Then call Andrew Thornton at 877-486-FILM

X-Ray Film Recycling North Carolina

X-Ray Film Recycling North Carolina can be done with B & D Associates, Inc.  Since 1974 B & D Associates has been a leader in X-Ray Film Recycling.  When Carolina Orthopaedic Specialist needed to purge their X-Ray Film to be recycled in North Carolina they did their research and chose B & D Associates.

B & D Associates X-Ray Film Recycling Facility is listed by the Department of Environmental Services for Silver Recovery.  Since 1974 we have been processing X-Ray Film for Recycling and Destruction.  We have staff availible to come to your facility to conduct the purging from your archives.  This will be performed to your guidelines.  We have a secure facility with staff on hand to strip the X-Ray Film from the Jackets and Envelopes.  The paper and reports are then shredded to maintain HIPAA Compliance.  Next the film is shredded and then placed in an enzyme to be washed and the silver emulsion removed so that the silver can be refined.  The plastic and paper are then recycled.

If you are in need of X-Ray Film Recycling North Carolina remember that getting paid is important but do not lose sight of maintaining HIPAA Compliance.  B & D Associates signs a Business Associate Agreement that binds us to keep your Patients Information secure and private.  Once we process your X-Ray Film Recycling North Carolina we shred all material so that we can Provide a Certificate of Destruction for your records.  Always make sure whoever you are considering can provide you with those securities.

X-Ray Film Recycling is even a target for thieves.  As a leader in X-Ray Film Recycling we have recieved calls from Newspapers and Media all over for more information on this subject.  When X-Ray Film Recycling was stolen in Alabama we were called by The Huntsville Times for more information on X-Ray Film Recycling. We have even worked with authorities on sting operations for stolen X-Ray Film Recycling.

Check us out at WWW.SAFESILVERRECOVERY.COM when you are ready for X-Ray Film Recycling in North Carolina. Then contact Andrew Thornton at 877-486-FILM

Medical Waste Disposal Manchester New Hampshire

B & D Associates, Inc., a leader in Medical Waste Disposal Manchester New Hampshire will be in the area the week of 2-11-13.  We look forward to servicing our customers in the Manchester, NH area with weekly visits to pick up sharps, medical waste, and additional regulated wastes for treatment, recycling, and disposal. We will be servicing many dentists in the area. Other Clients include Veterinarians, Chiropractors and Commercial Printers.

We provide these customers with sharps and medical waste disposal, used fixer and developer, amalgam recycling, lead foil recycling and shredding services. Since 1974,      B & D Associates, Inc. has been working with clients to maintain their environmental compliance and HIPAA compliance.

B & D Associates, inc is registered with the New Hampshire DES as a Silver Recycler. We are also listed by the Mass DEP for Medical Waste Disposal. Check us out at WWW.SAFEMEDICALWASTE.COM , and call Andy at 877-486-3456

Medical Waste Disposal and Sharps Disposal Framingham Massachusetts

B & D Associates, Inc. is Sharps Disposal Company from New England serving Massachusetts. We want everyone in the Boston Metro West area to know that we will be conducting pick ups for Sharps Disposal Framingham, Massachusetts the week of 2-13-13. We service this area on a weekly basis.

Since 1974 B & D Associates, Inc. has been working with clients to help them maintain their environmental compliance.  Some of the services we provide include Silver Recovery to include handling of the used fixer at our own treatment facility for Silver Recycling. We provide containers at no charge. Containers we offer include 5, 15, 30 and 55 gallons. We also offer Silver Recovery Canisters. We recycle Amalgam to include Contact and Non-Contact Amalgam along with the Amalgam Traps and Separators.  We offer both 5 and 2.5 gallon containers for the recycling of Amalgam. We also provide lead foil recycling services and secure, HIPPA compliant, document shredding. We continue to be one of the nation’s leading X-ray Film Recyclers.

Some of the facilities we will be picking up this week for Sharps Disposal Framingham, Massachusetts include Funeral Homes, Orthopedic Surgeons, Animal Hospitals, Dentist, Podiatrist and a University. We appreciate all of our customers and enjoy our ability to be flexible to meet our customers needs, as we are the only New England Company that is listed by the Massachusetts DEP for Sharp Disposal .

We are one of the few Sharps Disposal companies offering flexible agreements.  We offer 3 year agreements with no escalators.  Our pricing stays the same throughout the agreement.  Our most competitive pricing is offered on scheduled service but we are willing to provide on-call service as well.

We would welcome any new clients for Sharps Disposal Framingham Massachusetts.  Please check us out at WWW.SAFEMEDICALWASTE.COM.

Then call Andy at 877-486-3456


Sharps Disposal and Shredding Services Massachusetts

B & D Associates picks up medical waste for disposal and documents for shredding on our regular truck routes to Wakefield, Malden and Chelsea Massachusetts.  We currently work with Dentists, Orthopedic Surgeons, Laboratories , Universities, Photo Labs, Veterinarians and Commercial Printers both in Massachusetts and throughout New England and are always looking to add to our clients base. In fact, in this area we are offering a Guaranteed 10% Savings off your current vendor for Sharps and Medical Waste Disposal.

Infectious Waste is a serious matter and you can look to B & D Associates, Inc. to maintain your Environmental Compliance. Since 1974, B & D Associates has been a leader in New England. We are the only New England Company recognized by the Mass DEP for Sharps Disposal.  Our Treatment Facility for Silver Recycling and X-ray Film Recycling is also a recognized by the Department of Environmental Services.

Are you looking to compare pricing on your shredding needs, give Kyle Paquin a call at 877-486-3456. Check us out on line at

Thank you to our new Silver Recycling Customers in Flushing Michigan

B & D Associates, Inc wishes to thank our latest X-ray Film Recycling and Silver Recycling Clients in Michigan.  Both happen to be in Flushing Michigan.

Thank you to Affordable Dentistry and Flushing Medical Center for choosing B & D Associates.  After they had both performed research looking for a reputable established Silver Recycling and X-ray Film Recycling Company, both businesses chose B & D Associates.

Since 1974, B & D Associates has been working with companies to recycle x-ray film and recover silver form silver bearing films. This includes Litho Film from Commercial Printers.  The B & D Associates regulated waste treatment and recycling facility is recognized by the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services as a Silver Recycling and X-ray Film Recycling Facility.

If you are in the Michigan Area and looking for a long standing Nationwide provider of Silver Recycling and X-ray Film Recycling and Litho Film Recycling contact Andy Thornton at B & D Associates at 877-486-3456 and check us out on-line at WWW.SAFESILVERRECOVERY.COM

We handle the Silver Recovery and X-ray Film Recycling for business such as Hospital, Medical Centers, Doctors, Imaging Centers, Dentist, Veterinarians, Commmercial Printers and Chiropractors.

How should you choose a medical waste disposal company in Massachusetts?

Does your Massachusetts business have Sharps Disposal, Regulated Medical Waste or Red Bag Waste?  Are you unhappy with your infectious waste removal, transportation, and treatment provider?  Here are some things to consider when looking at a Medical Waste Disposal Company Massachusetts.

Are they listed by the Massachusetts Government as a bona fide Sharps Disposal Company?  Here is a listing on the website for Medical Waste Disposal Company Massachusetts.

Is the company your considering to use a broker?  If your using a broker you are paying a middleman to have the bio-hazard waste removed from your facility and treated. Use a local company and go direct.

Does the company you are considering offer an on-call service or only scheduled pick-ups?  Does your business fluctuate at certain times of the year? Make sure to use a company that is flexible enough to meet your needs.

In this industry, companies often try to build up their sharps disposal business to sell it to a national corporation. This has happened to two of the major independent medical waste disposal company Massachusetts over the past two years.  Be wary of a company that only provides this one service. Diversity is the key to long-term, successful business–if the company is only focused on one service, they may just be building up to sell.

Search Google Maps’ satellite view for the headquarters of any company you considering as a business partner. If the company’s headquarters appear to be a residence, you may want to be skeptical of what is happening to your red bag waste and sharps one they leave your business. Will this company be around next year?

Finally, do a search for fines or issues from any perspective medical waste disposal company Massachusetts you are considering using.  Get references from some of their clients.  Sometimes the cheapest company is not always the best. By asking around and researching potential regulated waste disposal companies for your business, you should be able to find a valuable business partner.

B & D Associates, Inc has been in business for almost 40 years.  These are some of the questions and concerns we feel companies should be aware of when trusting someone to handle your Sharps Disposal in Massachusetts or any state and any type of Regulated Waste.  You can learn more about B & D Associates at WWW.SAFEMEDICALWASTE.COM  Some of the other services we provide are X-ray Film Recycling, Treatment of Used Fixer and Developer, Amalgam Recycling, Lead Foil Recycling and Shredding Services.

Call Andy Thornton at 877-486-3456 to go over your needs.