X-Ray Film Recycling Maine

B & D Associates, Inc. is a New England company that has been recycling regulated wastes since 1974. One of the services we provide is X-Ray Film Recycling Maine. In Maine the current statute (always call the State to make sure you have the latest regulations) is for records to be kept 7 years or 6 years past the date of majority, whichever is later. When it comes to purge these files make sure to call Andy at B & D Associates.

When choosing a X-Ray Film Recycling Maine company the most important factor is to make sure they are HIPAA compliant. They should be signing a Business Associate Agreement or BAA with you. This document basically states they are accepting responsibility for your records to maintain the privacy or your clients. Also make sure they issue a Certificate of Destruction for your records.

Pricing is very important, at B & D Associates we have been X-Ray Film Recycling Maine for almost 40 years. We have had along time to perfect the process to get you the highest yield. We also have staff on hand to conduct the full purge for you to your specifications.

We are registered with the Department of Environmental Services for X-Ray Film Recycling Maine, this ensures you know your material is treated properly consistent with EPA guidelines.

As people are unaware I also want to point out there are thieves that prey on medical facilities for this commodity. As X-Ray Film Recycling Maine has a current high value people are pretending to be a reputable company or your current vendor and try to take the film without paying you.  B & D Associates is happy to provide you with a significant advance if the material is in envelopes or full payment on the spot if it is all ready stripped. As a leader in the industry we have even been quoted by major news publications.

Check out B & D Associates today at WWW.SAFESILVERRECOVERY.COM and call Andy at 877-486-FILM

Medical Waste Disposal Wellesley Massachusetts

Medical Waste Disposal Wellesley Massachusetts is handled by B & D Associates.  Since 1974 B & D Associates has been working with facilities to keep them in compliance with environmental regulations.  One of the services we provide is medical waste disposal throughout New England.

B & D Associates is pleased to Welcome Dr Jeannie Chung to our list of clients. When they needed Medical Waste Disposal Wellesley Massachusetts they turned to B & D Associates. We regularly service Wellesley Massachusetts for all our services to include Sharps Disposal and Medical Waste Disposal, Photo Processing Waste Disposal (used fixer and developer), Silver Recycling, X-ray Film Recycling, Litho Film Recycling, Amalgam Recycling and Shredding Services.

B & D Associates is listed by the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection for Medical Waste Disposal Wellesley Massachusetts. Please also be aware to pay attention to your invoices. Some Sharps Disposal Companies show you one price on their agreement and then just keep increasing it by 18% everytime they can.  Also watch out for automatic renewing contracts.

B & D Associates has their own Silver Recycling facility in New Hampshire that is registered with New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services. We work hard to keep you in compliance for all the services we provide. Please check us out online at WWW.SAFEMEDICALWASTE.COM then call Andy at 877-486-3456 to go over your needs.  We typically can offer a 20 to 30% savings over your current written offer.


Medical Waste Disposal Rhode Island

B & D Associates,Inc. is a permitted transporter of Medical Waste Disposal Rhode Island. Since 1974 B & D Associates has been working with clients to help them stay in compliance with Regulated Waste Streams. You can find them listed on the Medical Waste Transporter list.

A listing of rules concerning Medical Waste Disposal Rhode Island are listed by the Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management can be found following the preceding hyperlink. Some of the rules that we sometimes find are not being followed include opening sharps containers.  Using sharps containers with large openings in public areas and not having the storage location properly marked.

B & D Associates has been in business since 1974. We service most areas of Rhode Island on a weekly basis. We allow for on-call and scheduled service. Some of the other services we provide are Photo Processing Waste and Shredding Services.  We also do Amalgam Recycling, Lead Foil Recycling and X-ray Film Recycling.  We service all of New England which allows us to work with multiple location corporations.

Some of the clients we service are Colleges, Universities, Doctors, Hospitals, Dentist, Chiropractors, Urgent Cares, Imaging Facilities, Veterinarians, Funeral Homes and Manufacturing Facilities.

Please check us out at WWW.SAFEMEDICALWASTE.COM and then call Andy Thornton at 877-486-3456 or email at andrew@safemedicalwaste.com

Remember when you want fair pricing on your Medical Waste Disposal Rhode Island and great service call B & D Associates. Home of the No Phone Maze Guarantee!


Medical Waste Disposal Manchester NH

B & D Associates would like to thank Manchester Allergy for allowing us to do their Medical Waste Disposal Manchester NH.  When I first reached out to Manchester Allergy we compared what we could offer versus the National Competitor they were using.  What we found was a 50% savings.

When I also explained we make customer service a priority we were able to put together a deal to work together.  I keep hearing from new customers how there vendors are never able to be reached by phone or they have a huge phone maze to go through.  B & D Associates wants to make sure when you need someone for Medical Waste Disposal Manchester NH you can count on us.

We work hard to be in compliance with the environmental departments in the states we provide service.  Whether that be regulated medical waste in Vermont or X-ray Film Recycling in New Hampshire or Sharps Disposal in Massachusetts.

Medical Waste Disposal Manchester NH is regulated by the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services.  The New Hampshire code of rules for Medical Waste Disposal can be found through this link. Some of the rules that should be of note include using 3 mil bags but there must be 2 used.  Generator and Transporter information must be on the outside of any transportation containers.

B & D Associates handles Medical Waste Disposal Manchester NH but also services all of New England.  We also provide Sharps Disposal, Photo Processing Waste, Amalgam Recycling, Lead Foil Recycling and Shredding Services.  B & D Associates has been in business since 1974. We are a family owned business with everyone commited to our customers. Please check us out at WWW.SAFEMEDICALWASTE.COM then gave Andy Thornton a call