Litho Film Recycling

Since 1974 Commercial Printers have been working with B & D Associates, Inc. for Litho Film Recycling. As a registered Silver Recycler B & D Associates has the process and infrastructure to assure you the best price for your litho film recycling, printers film and negatives for recycling.

B & D Associates works with printers to the point of being involved in forums to help printers with their Silver Recycling and Litho Film Recycling needs. Even in this time with the value of negatives being so high we still run into facilities across the nation throwing away their printers film. Not only is it bad to lose out on this revenue source but due to the Toxicity Charecteristic Leaching Procedure the silver can be washed off if landfilled causing a hazardous waste issue.  So make sure to give B & D Associates a call to find out the value of your litho film recycling. Unless otherwise noted our pricing always includes shipping and/or pick up.

B & D Associates is a leading supplier of Silver Recovery Canisters and Metering Systems to help you stay in compliance with your discharge limits and provide the highest possible revenue source. We have available new and used equipment and in some cases we can provide equipment on loan. In order to develop an appropiate system to meet your needs we need your hours of operation, amount of film used by day, week or month, your discharge limit and drain to processor configuration.

Since 1974 B & D Associates has been a leading Silver Recycler to include the printers film, negatives and Litho Film Recycling. Check us out at WWW.SAFESILVERRECOVERY.COM

Then call Andrew Thornton at 877-486-FILM

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