Medical Waste Disposal Manchester NH

B & D Associates would like to thank Manchester Allergy for allowing us to do their Medical Waste Disposal Manchester NH.  When I first reached out to Manchester Allergy we compared what we could offer versus the National Competitor they were using.  What we found was a 50% savings.

When I also explained we make customer service a priority we were able to put together a deal to work together.  I keep hearing from new customers how there vendors are never able to be reached by phone or they have a huge phone maze to go through.  B & D Associates wants to make sure when you need someone for Medical Waste Disposal Manchester NH you can count on us.

We work hard to be in compliance with the environmental departments in the states we provide service.  Whether that be regulated medical waste in Vermont or X-ray Film Recycling in New Hampshire or Sharps Disposal in Massachusetts.

Medical Waste Disposal Manchester NH is regulated by the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services.  The New Hampshire code of rules for Medical Waste Disposal can be found through this link. Some of the rules that should be of note include using 3 mil bags but there must be 2 used.  Generator and Transporter information must be on the outside of any transportation containers.

B & D Associates handles Medical Waste Disposal Manchester NH but also services all of New England.  We also provide Sharps Disposal, Photo Processing Waste, Amalgam Recycling, Lead Foil Recycling and Shredding Services.  B & D Associates has been in business since 1974. We are a family owned business with everyone commited to our customers. Please check us out at WWW.SAFEMEDICALWASTE.COM then gave Andy Thornton a call

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