Sharps Disposal Medford Massachusetts

selc  When looking for Sharps Disposal Medford Massachusetts check out B & D Associates, Inc.  Since 1974 B & D Associates has been working with facilities to handle their Regulated Waste.  Some of the waste streams we handle from Medical Facilites include Sharps Disposal, Medical Waste Disposal, Red Bag Waste, Used Fixer and Developer, Amalgam Recycling, Lead Foil Recycling, X-Ray Film Recycling and Shredding Services.

When searching for reliable Sharps Disposal Medford Massachusetts make sure to see the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection Website. They have a page listing qualified Sharps Disposal Companies and B & D Associates is the only New England Company on that list.  We are very proud of this achievement. It takes years of providing great service to be considered.

We are registered with New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services for our treatment facility for Silver Recycling. When considering Sharps Disposal Medford Massachusetts companies make sure they are listed to perform these services.  Do a little research to make sure they are a bonafide business with an actual building.  Call them up and make sure you get a person not a never ending phone maze.  As with any potential vendor call references, find out how long they have been working together

At B & D Associates we are in Medford Massachusetts every other week.  We have clients in the area to include Universities and Colleges to Dentists, Family Doctors, Veterinarians, Chiropractors and even Boards of Health, what better endorsement can you get?  We are a national leader for X-Ray Film Recycling and even get contacted by the media for our knowledge.

We appreciate the consideration you give us for your Sharps Disposal Medford Massachusetts. Please check out our website at WWW.SAFEMEDICALWASTE.COM .  Please contact Andrew Thornton at 603-224-1157.  I can also be reached via email if that is easier at Thank you!

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