X-Ray Film Recycling Maine

B & D Associates, Inc. is a New England company that has been recycling regulated wastes since 1974. One of the services we provide is X-Ray Film Recycling Maine. In Maine the current statute (always call the State to make sure you have the latest regulations) is for records to be kept 7 years or 6 years past the date of majority, whichever is later. When it comes to purge these files make sure to call Andy at B & D Associates.

When choosing a X-Ray Film Recycling Maine company the most important factor is to make sure they are HIPAA compliant. They should be signing a Business Associate Agreement or BAA with you. This document basically states they are accepting responsibility for your records to maintain the privacy or your clients. Also make sure they issue a Certificate of Destruction for your records.

Pricing is very important, at B & D Associates we have been X-Ray Film Recycling Maine for almost 40 years. We have had along time to perfect the process to get you the highest yield. We also have staff on hand to conduct the full purge for you to your specifications.

We are registered with the Department of Environmental Services for X-Ray Film Recycling Maine, this ensures you know your material is treated properly consistent with EPA guidelines.

As people are unaware I also want to point out there are thieves that prey on medical facilities for this commodity. As X-Ray Film Recycling Maine has a current high value people are pretending to be a reputable company or your current vendor and try to take the film without paying you.  B & D Associates is happy to provide you with a significant advance if the material is in envelopes or full payment on the spot if it is all ready stripped. As a leader in the industry we have even been quoted by major news publications.

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X-ray Film Recycling Illinois

B&D Associates, Inc. at WWW.SAFEMEDICALWASTE.COM is the most experienced vendor for x-ray film recycling Illinois. Since 1974, we have refined our process of recycling x ray films to insure that our clients have the highest returns while also guaranteeing HIPPA compliance via entering into a Business Associates Agreement and issuing a Certificate of Destruction. We are a registered X ray Film Recycler and Silver Recycler

B&D Associates will help clients with their X-ray Film Recycling Illinois to handle the old film to recover silver and earn extra cash. Film recycling attracts more and more companies discovering that recycling doesn’t just make environmental sense but makes financial sense as well. To ensure that you will get the best return on your recycled silver, deal with a company that has been constantly refining its recycling process to maximize silver recovery and your return. 

With the price of precious metals at all time highs, silver recovery from xray film is an excellent way to turn what would otherwise be a hazardous waste into a revenue source. The recycling of xray film not only provides a welcome source of extra income for Illinois businesses, but also helps meet environmental regulations by getting the used film out of landfills where the TCLP of the Silver fails EPA standards. X-ray film recycling is also an excellent way to open up valuable storage space in your dental or medical office or storage facility which will cut down on storage costs.

Whether it is the recycling of dental x ray film or other kinds of x ray film created by other medical procedures, the most advanced silver recycling technology available is used in order to ensure that silver recovery from x-ray film is always done in an environmentally friendly manner with the highest yields. You can enjoy full confidence that your x rays will be recycled in accordance with all applicable HIPAA regulation. In addition, x-ray recycling of NDT film and Litho Film Recycling or other industrial xray film is also available.

In Illinois X ray films must be kept for at least 5 years per current regulations. Illinois Guidelines for X ray Film Disposal are listed here. As with any state regulations they can change so call your local agency that governs this and ask for the latest regulations.

Among the oldest Silver Recovery companies dealing with X ray Film Recycling, B & D Associates, Inc. deals with big corporations and hospitals to the smaller Chiropractors and everyone in between . We offer pickups of large orders and also have a mailback program for small orders. We even can consolidate full file rooms. With great service, integrity and competitive rates you will be happy you chose B & D Associates, Inc. at WWW.SAFEMEDICALWASTE.COM.

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B & D Associates warns those with X ray Film Recycling about Theft

In September of this year, two men walked into three Philadelphia area hospitals, said they were there to pick up old Xray films for disposal and calmly walked out with barrels of old film.
But the two men were not from the silver recycling company that normally picked up old X-rays for silver recycling.  “Given the tough economy and high silver prices, it’s no wonder that X ray Film Recycling thefts are on the rise across the country,“ said Andrew Thornton of B & D Associates.

One component of the emulsion on an X-ray Film is silver. During the silver recycling process, the silver is released from the emulsion. As a result, thieves and con artists across the country are beginning to steal X ray film for recycling at hospitals, veterinary offices and other places where X ray film is used.
“As a silver recycling company, we have a HIPAA compliant process for safely removing, transporting, and storing X ray film prior to recycling the film, extracting Silver, and destroying the film,” Thornton explained. ”It’s important for hospitals and other enterprises working with X ray film to have processes in place that keep X ray films safe from thievery and also protect patient confidentiality.”
The same holds true with the value of silver flake.  If you treat your own fixer on-site for discharge, be aware of who has access to your electrolytic silver flake.

To keep film safe from theft, store archived X rays and old Xray Film slated for silver recycling under lock and key.  Limit access to the locked storage area to those with direct responsibility for contacting the contracted silver recycling firm. When film is scheduled for removal by the silver recycling company, the employee who calls to schedule the pickup should always be the one to give the recycler access.

When choosing a vendor for x ray film recycling make sure they are a licensed X ray Film Recycling Facility. Use Google Maps satelite imaging to determine if the address of the company that you are considering is an actual commercial building or a residence.  Search the vendor for any violations they may have had.  Always check for references and copies of their insurance.

About B & D Associates, Inc.   B & D Associates is a family owned business that got its start in 1974 by providing silver recycling services and medical X-ray film recycling.  Since then, the company has expanded to serve the graphic arts and printing industries by recycling litho film, old negatives and aluminum plates.  B & D Associates, Inc. purchases x ray film for recycling and silver flake nationwide.
B & D Associates has been at the forefront of regulated medical waste disposal, including biomedical waste, sharps disposal and other biohazard waste.

Today, B & D Associates is one of the most respected silver recovery companies, with licensed facilities and permitted transporting to serve their customers.  As silver recyclers they are also proud of their long history of paying top prices to their many clients. For more information visit us at: http://www.safemedicalwaste.com/

Hospital X ray Film Recycling: Purging, Consolidating and Moving

If your medical business’s storage space is full of boxes of old x ray’s, it is time to call B & D Associates. We have been recycling x ray film from hospitals, clinics, and individual practices since 1974.  B&D Associates staff will come in and conduct purging and consolidation to your specifications.  We will purge any x ray films for recycling that are no longer required to be stored and consolidate what is left to minimize your square footage to increase your bottom line.  This will also potentially free space to meet other needs. Some facilities also use this revenue to purchase or update equipment.

B & D Associates will enter into a BAA (business associate agreement) to ensure HIPAA compliance when destroying your files or x rays.  Our trained staff comes in and purges, consolidates, and removes your files of x ray film for recycling to meet your space-saving objective.  It is then transported back to our licensed, secure x ray film recycling facility.  The x ray film is separated from the reports and jackets.  The reports and jackets are then shredded and a Certificate of Destruction is issued.  The x ray film is shredded then washed in an enzyme bath to remove the emulsion containing the silver.  The sludge is then put through a centrifuge to remove as much fluid as possible. The solids are then refined to solid pure silver.  Once our your old x-ray film has been recycled, we send you a check for the price of the recovered silver and a Certificate of Destruction proving that your files are destroyed.

We are licensed to destroy both x-ray film and medical records; let us help you reclaim your storage space!

B & D Associates, Inc. has been providing the highest returns and the best service x ray film recycling for almost 40 years.  You do not stay in business for that long except by being the best.  Check us out at WWW.SAFESILVERRECOVERY.COM

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2013 Yankee Dental Congress

B & D Associates, Inc. is pleased to announce we have reserved booth number 1129 at the 2013 Yankee Dental Congress.  The Yankee Dental Congress will take place from January 31, 2013 thru February 2, 2013 at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center.  We will be providing information on the following services:  proper medical waste management; bio-hazard waste disposal; proper amalgam waste disposal; photo-chemical waste transportation, treatment, and disposal; lead foil disposal; along with handling x-ray film and confidential record destruction.