Thank you to our new Silver Recycling Customers in Flushing Michigan

B & D Associates, Inc wishes to thank our latest X-ray Film Recycling and Silver Recycling Clients in Michigan.  Both happen to be in Flushing Michigan.

Thank you to Affordable Dentistry and Flushing Medical Center for choosing B & D Associates.  After they had both performed research looking for a reputable established Silver Recycling and X-ray Film Recycling Company, both businesses chose B & D Associates.

Since 1974, B & D Associates has been working with companies to recycle x-ray film and recover silver form silver bearing films. This includes Litho Film from Commercial Printers.  The B & D Associates regulated waste treatment and recycling facility is recognized by the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services as a Silver Recycling and X-ray Film Recycling Facility.

If you are in the Michigan Area and looking for a long standing Nationwide provider of Silver Recycling and X-ray Film Recycling and Litho Film Recycling contact Andy Thornton at B & D Associates at 877-486-3456 and check us out on-line at WWW.SAFESILVERRECOVERY.COM

We handle the Silver Recovery and X-ray Film Recycling for business such as Hospital, Medical Centers, Doctors, Imaging Centers, Dentist, Veterinarians, Commmercial Printers and Chiropractors.

X-ray Film Recycling in Michigan

B&D Associates, Inc. at WWW.SAFEMEDICALWASTE.COM is the most experienced vendor for recycling x rays. We are now offering X-Ray Film Recycling in Michigan.  Since 1974, we have refined our process of recycling x ray films to insure our clients have the highest returns while complying with HIPPA regulatoins via entering into a BAA and issuing a Certificate of Destruction. We are Licensed X ray Film Recycler and Silver Recycler

B&D Associates has been working with medical and printing clients in Michigan to recycle film and recover silver since 1974. Recycling today attracts more and more Michigan companies discovering that recycling doesn’t just make environmental sense but can make financial sense as well. B&D Associates has been refining its film recycling and silver recovery methods since 1974; our goal is to make sure our clients get the most return from their recycled silver.

With the price of precious metals at all time highs, silver recovery from xray film is an excellent way to turn what would otherwise be a hazardous waste into a revenue source. The recycling of x ray film not only provides a welcome source of extra income, but also helps your company meet environmental regulations by getting the used film out of landfills where the TCLP of the Silver fails EPA standards. X-ray film recycling is also an excellent way to open valuable storage space in your dental or medical office or storage facility which will cut down on storage costs.

Whether it is the recycling of dental x ray film or other kinds of x ray film created by other medical procedures, we use the most advanced silver recycling technology available in order to ensure that silver recovery from x-ray film is always done in an environmentally friendly manner that produces the highest yields. You can enjoy full confidence that your x rays will be recycled in accordance with all applicable HIPAA regulations. In addition to medical x rays, x-ray recycling of NDT film and Litho Film Recycling or other industrial x ray film is also available.
In Michigan X ray films must be kept for at least 7 years per current regulations.  Michigan Guidelines for X ray Film Retention are listed here.  As with any state regulations, they can change so call your local agency that governs this and ask for the latest regulations.

B&D Associates is one of the oldest film recycling companies in the nation and we work with all types of clients from national corporations to small business.  We offer pickups of trailer loads and also have a mailback program for small orders. We even can consolidate full file rooms. With great  service, integrity and competitive rates you will be happy you chose B & D Associates, Inc. at WWW.SAFEMEDICALWASTE.COM.

For Xray Film Recycling in Kentucky Call ANDREW THORNTON at 877-486-FILM