X-Ray Film Recycling North Carolina

X-Ray Film Recycling North Carolina can be done with B & D Associates, Inc.  Since 1974 B & D Associates has been a leader in X-Ray Film Recycling.  When Carolina Orthopaedic Specialist needed to purge their X-Ray Film to be recycled in North Carolina they did their research and chose B & D Associates.

B & D Associates X-Ray Film Recycling Facility is listed by the Department of Environmental Services for Silver Recovery.  Since 1974 we have been processing X-Ray Film for Recycling and Destruction.  We have staff availible to come to your facility to conduct the purging from your archives.  This will be performed to your guidelines.  We have a secure facility with staff on hand to strip the X-Ray Film from the Jackets and Envelopes.  The paper and reports are then shredded to maintain HIPAA Compliance.  Next the film is shredded and then placed in an enzyme to be washed and the silver emulsion removed so that the silver can be refined.  The plastic and paper are then recycled.

If you are in need of X-Ray Film Recycling North Carolina remember that getting paid is important but do not lose sight of maintaining HIPAA Compliance.  B & D Associates signs a Business Associate Agreement that binds us to keep your Patients Information secure and private.  Once we process your X-Ray Film Recycling North Carolina we shred all material so that we can Provide a Certificate of Destruction for your records.  Always make sure whoever you are considering can provide you with those securities.

X-Ray Film Recycling is even a target for thieves.  As a leader in X-Ray Film Recycling we have recieved calls from Newspapers and Media all over for more information on this subject.  When X-Ray Film Recycling was stolen in Alabama we were called by The Huntsville Times for more information on X-Ray Film Recycling. We have even worked with authorities on sting operations for stolen X-Ray Film Recycling.

Check us out at WWW.SAFESILVERRECOVERY.COM when you are ready for X-Ray Film Recycling in North Carolina. Then contact Andrew Thornton at 877-486-FILM

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