X-Ray Film Recycling Rhode Island

X-Ray Film Recycling Rhode Island by B & D Associates, Inc.  Since 1974 B & D Associates has been a leader in X-Ray Film Recycling.  We are a local New England company that also handles Sharps Disposal, Used Fixer Solutions, Amalgam Recycling and Shredding Services.

When looking for X-Ray Film Recycling Rhode Island, know the person paying the most may not be the best.  HIPAA requires you to handle these medical records with scrutiny.  At B & D Associates we enter into a Business Associate Agreement with our clients that acknowledges we will securely handle the medical records.  This includes the X-Ray Films for Recycling.

The records are handled by our staff to include coming to your facility and removing them. If this includes purging from a X-Ray Film Library our staff is trained and experienced.  The purging will be conducted to your guidelines.  They are then secured on our truck until they reach are registered X-ray Film Recycling facility.  Here they are stripped from the envelopes if neccessary.  Next the paper material is shredded and then recycled.  The X-Ray Films are then shredded and placed in an enzyme bath to be washed.  Once washed the silver emulsion is dried and refined.  The plastic is recycled.  At this time we can issue a Certificate of Destruction and final settlement.

Unforunately with the value increased for Silver there is growing rise in theft of X-Ray Film Recyling Rhode Island.  Being a leader in X-Ray Film Recycling we are contacted by the media to discuss these occurrences.  We have even been involved in sting operations involving X-Ray Film Recycling to catch these thieves.

We are in Rhode Island several times a month picking up from clients. Other services we provide include sharps disposal, used fixer disposal, amalgam recycling and shredding services.  Check us out at WWW.SAFEMEDICALWASTE.COM and then Contact Andrew Thornton at 877-486-FILM

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